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What’s in the Kit

Numo Broth isn't just liquid in a bag. We've thoughtfully sourced the most savory herbs and vegetables available to compliment the rich, marrowy bones which elicits a robust flavor without overpowering. Our ingredients are carefully packed into an environmentally conscious, food quality pouch, making set up and clean up a breeze so you can slow down, relax and savor your day.


Carrots are a healthy and flavorful addition to any dish. They add a mild, sweet flavor and help to thicken the consistency of our broth. Carrots are rich in many vitamins and minerals.


Ginger is aromatic and slightly spicy, adding a little boost to our bone broth. Ginger has
a longstanding tradition of being effective at alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and is known to boost immunity.

bay leaf*

Used in many culinary dishes, bay leaf adds a pleasing, sweet aroma to our broth. Bay leaf is loaded with many vitamins and minerals and it’s medicinal uses include soothing digestive complaints. Additionally, bay leaf has been known to boost both metabolism and immunity.


Used through out India and Asia, cardamom is regarded as the Queen of Spices. It is one of the most expensive spices behind saffron and vanilla. Cardamom has a pleasant aroma and wonderful flavor that compliments our bone broth.

* denotes organic