Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a liquid derived from cooking bones (beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc) for a long period of time in order to extract the nutrients and minerals from the bones.


Where do your bones come from?

We source our bones from small, local ranchers that use our standards of care and consideration in raising their livestock. Our beef bones come from grass fed cows who are pastured their entire lives. Our chicken bones are from chickens who are allowed to roam freely eating a varied and natural diet.


Why aren’t you certified organic?

The certifications for organic are very expensive. As a small privately funded start up, we’ve chosen to spend our money on the quality of our product and in our manufacturing process. With that said all of our herbs and vegetables are certified organic with the exception of shallots. Which we still source from farms that do not use herbicides and pesticides.


Do you sell internationally?

While we focus primarily on manufacturing and selling our product in the United States, we’ve had several customers from outside of the United States buy our broth. If you are outside of the United States and you want our broth please know that international shipping rates are expensive and vary and that we make no guarantee your country will approve our kits to pass through customs.


Where can I buy Numo Bone Broth locally?

For a list of retailers please click here. If you want to see Numo Bone Broth in your local grocery store, please contact the grocery store and ask the manager or store buyer to contact us directly. You can also give them this link (www.numobroth.com/wholesale-program) for which they can let us know they are interested in stocking our broth.

All other orders can be placed either through our website or via our amazon store


What other flavors of broth do you have coming out?

We are exploring other bone broths including a Pork broth.

Please click here to send us an email with your bone broth flavor request.


Why is there fat in my bone broth? Isn’t fat bad for you?

Fat has received a lot of negative press over the last 4 decades, sadly scientific research has never supported the notion that fat is cause of all these diseases. In fact a significant amount of research suggests that many health conditions are resulting from too little fat in our diets.

While this topic will continue to be debated what’s important for you to understand is that not all fats are created equal.

Healthy fats like those coming from grass-fed butters, organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil are all wonderful but so are the healthy fats from macadamia nuts and avocados.

To add to this list are those fats found in the meats and bones from grass-fed, pastured animals and those oils found in deep sea fish.

These health fats are a source of nutrition and many vitamins are in fact fat soluble (which means healthy fats must be present in order for them to be absorbed).

Thankfully public perception of fat is started to change as more people are switching from diets high in carbohydrates to ones that include healthy fats.

As a side note: please avoid those fats that are derived from palm oils, most (all) vegetable fats, canola oil, palm oil, and all the artificial ones commonly found in most processed foods.


I’m on a Ketogenic diet - can I use Numo Bone Broth?

While we don’t believe our bone broth has enough sugar or carbohydrate in it to knock you out of ketosis, the only way you’ll know for sure is to test yourself with a ketone meter. Please remember that urine based ketone strips are not as accurate as blood or breath.

Additionally Numo Broth is sponsoring a controlled experiment whereby a member of staff will be consuming only Numo Broth for 1 week straight (a bone broth fast) and taking blood glucose and ketone readings using a blood spot meter. We will provide you with more information as the test results become available.


It seems that my broth gets boiled off and I don't get 8 cups of broth after 8 hours.

If your broth boils off and you are not getting your 8 cups of broth, then that means your cooker temperature might be above 212 degrees F or 100 degrees celsius. If that is the case then, switch your cooker temperature to low after the broth boils.


It seems like my broth is very thin, clear and bland, even after 15 hours.

Your broth should be, murky and bold with a layer of fat on top. If this is not so, please switch your cooker temperature to high. If the temperature of the cooker doesn't reach boing point +/- a few degrees from 212 F and stay there, then the cooker is not hot enough. If after cooking broth on high temperature for 15 hours, and still thin and bland, then this cooker is not the right cooker. Time to switch out the cooker.


Should I use the slow cooker function or the soup/broth function with the instant pot?

Please use the soup function with the instant pot. Result will be better. Slow cooker function on the instant pot will not work for numo broth since temperature setting doesn't reach boiling point.