Clams With White Wine Herb Butter Sauce

A Faye Luong L.Ac, MSOM dish

2 pounds Manila clams
1 cup Brew-It-Yourself Bone Broth chicken
½ cup minced garlic
½ cup minced yellow onions
½ cup minced fresh basil
1 cup butter
3 Tbsp fish Sauce
3 tbsp sugar
2 tsp lime
½ cup minced Jalapeno (optional)
2 tsp white wine

Add Brew-It-Yourself chicken bone broth and 1 cup of water to medium size pot and bring to a boil. Add minced garlic, onions, butter, fish sauce, sugar, jalapeño, and white wine, jalapeño, and white wine. Cook for 2 minutes or until broth boils, then add the clams. Cook clams until the shells start to open. Add in fresh basil then stir. Remove pot then serve in a bowl. Squeeze lime on top.

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