take your time and love it.

this isn’t liquid in a bag...

Our simple brew-it-yourself bone broth kit cooks really slow, 15 hours slow. The more time and love that you put into brewing your broth, the more the bones will release their marrowy goodness. Broth that’s slow-cooked isn’t just exceptionally flavorful, it’s brimming with:

Amino Acids - Minerals - Collagen - Essential Fat

what’s included in the bag?

Real bones, vegetables, herbs, and spices for a complete culinary experience.

14g protein - 16 amino acids - no fat added - gluten free - no preservatives - msg free - paleo friendly

just add water...then more.

Go ahead, keep it simple. Just add water and brew for 8 hours or more to get all that bone broth has to offer. Or you can go beyond the simple brew and dial up the culinary experience with your own recipes and seasonal ideas.

Faye Luong

Faye Luong | founder

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take your time and love it.

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